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Maya Calendar
Maya Calendar
Our Price: £4.16 + VAT

Learn about the Amazing Maya by making your own ancient Maya Calendar. (Mayan Calendar)

The ancient Maya living in Guatemala, Belize and parts of Mexico, Honduras and El Salvador, created an incredible civilization in the rainforest and built spectacular pyramids, palaces and ballcourts without the use of metal tools, the wheel or pack animals. They were great writers, mathematicians and astronomers who loved chocolate!

This pack includes the full calendar with 5 separate rings to be cut out in white card. There is a pin for fixings the rings and teachers notes included.

Maya Civilisation poster
Maya Civilisation poster
Our Price: £8.50 + VAT

The perfect backdrop for your study of the ancient Maya civilisation c. AD900, this large poster includes photos of Mayan artefacts and
architecture, as well as a map, key words and vocabulary.

Back 2 Front:The Maya
Back 2 Front:The Maya
Our Price: £14.99

This teachers book provides enquiry questions and activities to develop with your pupils from ages 7-11. The Back2Front book can be read from either end: from the front with History and from the back with Geography, or vice versa. It culminates in the centre pages.

Many schools choose to plan their Geography and History together. This format is aimed at helping you to do precisely that, in a way that both strengthens each subject’s distinctive contribution to learning, while also highlighting some of the common threads between the past and the present.

Written by Ben Ballin and Alf Wilkinson
Thinking About.... The Maya
Thinking About.... The Maya
Our Price: £16.99 + VAT


20 A5 cards featuring a photograph on one side and five questions or activity suggestions on the reverse. The variety of questions and activities means that work can be pitched at an appropriate level for most abilities. The cards have been designed to develop an enquiring approach to the subject and encourage observational and descriptive skills. This versatile set lends itself to whole class, small group or individual work, forming the basis for the whole topic or as a starter or plenary activities.

Maya Artefacts Pack
Maya Artefacts Pack
Our Price: £84.99 + VAT

This wonderful collection of artefacts containing a replica Mayan
Plaque, a Terracotta Mayan Calendar, Cocoa Pod, Cocoa Beans and a Carved Wooden
Chocolate Whisk and some genuine Guatemalan Worry People is an ideal resource
to start your study of the Ancient Maya.
It also includes an A1 Maya Temple poster, four colour Photocards,
photocopiable templates and Teachers Notes.